COVID-19 Kaua'i Resources

You are not alone. We are all in this together.
This website is produced by the Kauai Chamber of Commerce to provide the general public and Kauai businesses with resources during this COVID-19 Outbreak.

Food Provider Map

Web Mapping Application to help you locate Food Resources. Includes Restaurants, Grocery stores, and other food providers.

Register Your Business

Restaurants, Grocery stores, and Non-Profit food providers offering take out, delivery and drive through, please register today.

Business Survey

Take the Kauai Chamber survey about the impacts that COVID-19 has had or will have on your business operations on Kauai.

Food Resources Web Mapping Application

The County of Kauai has partnered with the Kauai Chamber of Commerce to create this Web Mapping Application to help Kauai residents locate Food Resources during the COVID-19 Outbreak. This includes Restaurants, Grocery stores, and Non-Profit food providers. We are committed to offering resources such as this Web Mapping Application to help businesses continue to operate in these trying times.

Mark Perriello
Kauai Chamber President

Message from Kaua'i Chamber President

    The Kaua`i Chamber of Commerce is here to support our members, the island’s business community, and our residents during these trying times. We all find ourselves in a vastly different world from the one we knew only a few days ago. In order to keep the virus from overwhelming our small community, our federal, state, and local government leaders are asking us to make painful sacrifices right now. If every one of us plays our part, things will return to normal much more quickly.
The Chamber is working on many fronts to address these challenges head-on. This website was created to help answer your questions about the COVID-19 crisis and connect you with online resources that can help you, your business, and your employees.
    If you have questions that are not answered here, please submit them using the online form. We will respond as quickly as possible. We will get through this crisis together, even if it means that we need to stay six feet apart. Hoping for your continued good health and safety.
Aloha, Mark

COVID-19 Kauai
a Kaua'i Chamber initiative

This Kaua’i Chamber of Commerce initiative is to help our members, other businesses, and the general public during this pandemic. 

Kauai Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping you find relevant resources as we recover from this virus and the economic impacts it will have. Click here for Resources>

We strive to bring you up-to-date information as it pertains to doing business on Kauai.  If you have pertinent information you would like to share with us, click here to fill out an online form>

There are many resources that show how we can stay healthy during this time of the COVID-19 Virus.  Click here for our compiled sources that you may find useful>

Additional Resources

The County of Kaua'i gives daily updates on the COVID-19 Outbreak through press releases, daily briefings and other informational reports. Click below to follow the County of Kauai.
State of Hawaii Department of Health has a dedicated website for residents of Hawaii for information and resources about the COVID-19 virus. Click below to follow the Dept. of Health.
The Task Force at the White House and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has comprehensive information pages about the virus and government support programs. Click below.
The SBA works with state Governors to provide low-interest loans to small businesses and non-profits that have been severely impacted by the COVID-19. Click below to find out more.

Check our "Resources" for more information